Innovative Animal Products offer veterinary orthopedic supplies and devices related to External Fracture Fixation, Internal Fracture Fixation, and Joint Stabilization.

New Innovative TPLO™

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Our External Fixation, the APEF System, offers flexible and moldable acrylic columns with use of stainless steel positive profile fixation pins. The APEF Systems apply well to mandibular fractures, tibial fractures, long bone fractures, and fractures related to avian, exotic, feline and canine animals.

Our Internal Fracture Management, the Interlocking Nail System, offers an alternative to bone plating by placing a solid pin with predrilled holes down the intermeduallary canal. Benefits of the Interlocking Nail System include excellent axial, bending and torsional stability with minimal disturbance to bone blood supply. Applications of the IN System would include femoral fractures and highly comminuted long bone fractures in felines and canines.

Our Joint Stabilization method, the BoneBiter™ System, offers a stainless steel implantable suture bone anchor. The unique BoneBiter™ design allows the suture material to be anchored below the surface of the bone allowing for more proper and flexible placement of the suture material when repairing anterior cruciate ligaments, tarsus ligaments, hip luxations, shoulder instability and extra-articular reconstruction of the ACL deficient stifle joint.

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