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An Acrylic Pin External Fixator (APEF) is created by replacement of mechanical connecting clamps and rigid connecting bars with moldable acrylic columns.

The APEF System was developed by Erick Egger, DVM, in association with Innovative Animal Products, to provide a convenient kit for application of APEF.

Clinical fractures come with a varying degree of difficulty, and some cases should be referred to an orthopedic specialist. In many instances, however, the general veterinarian can easily provide excellent fracture treatment with the APEF System.

APEF is indicated for any fracture or arthrodesis where a comparable sized stainless steel bar/column fixator would be appropriate. Research has shown the acrylic columns provide equal or greater strength when compared to the traditional K-E designs in all standard configurations.

Based on this research, the APEF System is designed to be applied in three sizes. The 21 mm diameter acrylic columns to be used on patients weighing 8-10 kg and larger, where the medium K-E device was previously used. The 15mm diameter acrylic columns and is useful for smaller patients such as cats, toy breed dogs, and birds. And the new 10mm diameter acrylic column for small birds and exotic.

The APEF System answers the need for improved fixation without the high hardware and instrumentation costs of stainless steel fixation devices. When compared to other systems, the APEF System shortens procedural times while complicated hardware and componentry are minimized. The APEF System has proven to be an excellent method for general and orthopedic veterinarians to offer routine fracture fixation to their patients.

Advantages to the animal range from improved fixation to reduced soft tissue exposure. With the APEF System, the animal benefits from optimum pin placement, right where the anatomy dictates pin placement, not governed by the constraints of traditional system hardware. It also facilitates the use of improved pin insertion techniques such as predrilling to minimize pin loosening and associated morbidity.

The sidebar tubing can be easily contoured to any pin location facilitating mandibular and transarticular applications. Radiographic evaluation of fracture reduction and progression of healing is also enhanced through the radiolucent sidebars.

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